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La Scala “Raymonda”

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Finally I am with my PC at home in order to tell you about long-awaited for me campaign on the russian ballet “Raymonda”,

Vintage fair №2 /// Винтажная ярмарка №2

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Vintage… My mom tells me: “how can you wear thins than someone has already dressed before?”. Shw made me to think about it.

Where does the dawn begin? /// Где начинается рассвет?

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Tormented by insomnia, I’ve started to read a new book. It is not entirely new, it was just living on my shelf and waiting for I’ll get to it.

Lady in RED /// Леди в красном

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Some days ago I was asked by someone on Formspring about jealousy. And since that moment for some unclear and unknown for me reasons many people talk to me about it.

Flowers and white chocolate /// Цветы и белый шоколад

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One day this week I was watching one not very new and very commercial movie. Movies like this one people usually watch in order to escape from thoughts and everything that happens around.

Rotonda della Besana…or saturday afternoon /// Rotonda della Besana…или субботний полдень

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Saturday is one of my favorite days of the week. It’s a day when you axactly know that tomorrow you don’t have to go anywhere and don’t have to wake up early and the whole day is free from affairs and obligations (as usual).