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MFW: Just Cavalli Party

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It was a usual evening of usual monday.
Exactly till the moment when friends of us called us to go to the party COSY BOX in Just Cavalli.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Это был обычный вечер обычного понедельника.

Milan Fashion Week: CNC Fashion Show

I was very exited with the news, that Olga is coming to Milan. We see each other rarely… may be 2 times a year…

Milan Fashion Week: Dolce&Gabbana special event in via Spiga 2

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Those days, starting from 22 of september are very full of different activities for me! Milano fashion Week is in the midst!

Milan Fashion Week: RED Valentino temporary store

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Outrageous traffic jam and absolutely not moving public transport.Millions of lights and a river of people: shoes, handbags, hand, huge glasses,

The evening of fuchsia colour///Фуксийный вечер

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It was evening. The sun was setting down. Sunset with a clear sky, the sun, which goes beyond the trees and they light up like in a fairy tale … 

Autumn in Milan///Осень в Милане

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It was a beautiful sunny day. The day before, we (myself and photographer) were worried about the weather, because in those days it was extremely unpredictable in Milan.