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Never thought that one day I will put on together black&white stripes + flower print. I’ve tried at home and I understood that it look really gorgeous, fresh and sooo trendy. So that from now I adore this strange mix)

Do you like it? Have you ever weared together stripes and flowers?


Никогда даже и представить себе не могла, что буду носить вместе полоску с цветочным принтом. Но, попробовав дома перед зеркалом однажды, я поняла, что это выглядит потрясающе, очень свежо и попадает “в самое сердце тренда”. Теперь же я обожаю этот странный микс)

А вам нравится? Вы когда-нибудь пробовали сочетать полоску с цветами?


Non ho mai pensato che un giorno mi indosserò insieme strisce in bianco e nero + stampa di fiore. Una volta l’ho provato a casa e ho capito che e` veramente splendido, fresco e molto trendy. Così da adesso adoro questo mix strano)

Vi piace? Avete mai indossato insieme strisce e fiori?



ROMWE pants

ROMWE bracelet

ROMWE necklace

ASOS clutch

HUGO BOSS blouse

ROMWE jacket



Your Darya

18 Responses
  • melita
    22 . 04 . 2012

    I havent, but you encouraged me now to try it, this looks wonderful on you 🙂 love your nail polish, which one is it?

  • Svetlana Zmukic
    22 . 04 . 2012

    I adore this combination…it’s perfect! I especially like the color of nails, clutch and shoes 🙂

  • Jess
    23 . 04 . 2012

    i love it! beautiful photos as always, i just love that blazer, and the shoes, geez everyone has them, i want them too, but in a diff color, like nude 🙂 and yes i just bought a top that has stripes and flowers. its awesome!

  • ivan russo
    23 . 04 . 2012

    как вы ходите на этих туфлях? даже модели себя в них неуверенно чувствуют. Цепочка очень крутая!

  • Natali
    23 . 04 . 2012

    Very beautiful shoes and blouse! Everything always looks so great on you 🙂

  • Valeria
    23 . 04 . 2012

    Вау! Смотрится шикарно! Очень красивый лук, продуман до самый маленьких деталей!

  • Nina Papaioannou
    23 . 04 . 2012

    Darya, I love this look!!! The details are amazing, like for example your black toe nails and orange finger nails and the shoes that are orange and black..

  • Nelli
    23 . 04 . 2012

    I Love your Blzer and these shoes!

    Don’t forget the give-away on my blog 🙂

  • Diana
    23 . 04 . 2012

    полоска и цветы… почему бы и нет. тем более, когда цветовые акценты расставлены безошибочно… хохо

  • B.
    23 . 04 . 2012

    I haven’t worn a combination like that until now, but I think it’s worth trying because the outfit looks very great on you! xx

  • Eva
    23 . 04 . 2012

    Beautiful and colorful outfit! Love your orange nails and that pants is so cool!

  • Van
    23 . 04 . 2012

    Very beautiful outfit – love the combination with your high heels…


    Van – / Bloglovin / New Facebook-Page

  • thevstyle
    24 . 04 . 2012

    very beautiful blog!! like your style!!!

  • thevstyle
    24 . 04 . 2012

    love your style and blog is very beautiful!!

  • Paula
    26 . 04 . 2012

    Hi!! No I never put striped + flowers because, like you, I thougt it won`t be nice. But now that I saw on you this outfit I really like it!!!! I think you make a great combination and choise of elements… like the shoes and the little bag!!

  • Katya
    29 . 04 . 2012

    Прекрасные фотографии=)Такой красивый жакет!

  • Aleksandra
    02 . 05 . 2012

    Beautiful outfit !!!
    Beautiful necklace !!!

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