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Often my mom flyes to UAE for work. And every time I wait her so much, because everytime she brings me some small presents. This time she has gifted me this eye cream and an amazing bracelet.

You know, I think that I’m young and I’ll be young again for many years (even when I’m going to be 50 I’ll be young again, hehe). But the 1st thing that talks about your age is your eyes, and you should take care of them even more than of all other. This new ESTEE LAUDER cream is really amazing! I feel my eyes so relaxed after I use it. Also I’m totally in love with the packaging) it seems to be some jewelry or parfume, not a cream)

And this colourful silver bracelet is waiting in the box for the summer and some light white dress)


Моя мама часто летает в ОАЭ по работе. И каждый раз я с нетерпением жду ее приезда домой, потому что она всегда привозит мне всяческие маленькие приятности-подарочки. В этот раз она мне подарила этот замечательный крем для кожи вокруг глаз и очень красивый браслет.

Вы знаете, я думаю, что я очень молода и буду пребывать в этом состоянии еще много-много лет (даже когда мне будет 50, я все еще буду молода))). Но как ни крути, первая вещь, которая выдает ваш возраст – это глаза, и за ними требуется очень тщательный уход, еще более тщательный, чем за всем остальным. Новый крем от  ESTEE LAUDER просто волшебный! Я чувствую свои глаза очень отдохнувшими с тех пор как я начала им пользоваться. Так же я конечно окончательно влюблена в его упаковку) когда берешь в руки эту коробочку, то вовсе и не скажешь, что это крем, скорее парфюм или украшение)

А этот цветной серебряный браслет пока полежит в коробочке и подождет теплого лета и легкого белого платья)


Spesso la mia mamma vola negli Emirati Arabi Uniti per lavoro. E ogni volta la aspetto così tanto, perché ogni volta mi porta con sé alcune piccoli regali. Questa volta mi ha regalato questa crema per l’occhi e un braccialetto bellissimo.
Penso che sono giovane e sarò ancora giovane per tanti anni (anche quando avro’ 50 sarò di nuovo giovane, hehe). Ma la prima cosa che parla della vostra età sono i tuoi occhi, e si dovrebbe prendere cura di loro anche più di tutto altro. Questa nuova crema di ESTEE LAUDER  è davvero incredibile! Sento i miei occhi molto rilassati dopo che lo uso. Anche sono assolutamente innnamorata con il packaging) che sembra essere o ‘gioielli o profumo, non una crema)

E questo braccialetto d’argento colorato è in attesa nella casella per l’estate e qualche abito legero e bianco)


Be young 😉



Your Darya

15 Responses
  • Stylish Alien
    20 . 02 . 2012

    этот крем из серии для молодой кожи? или у Estee Lauder нет такого деления?
    браслет красивый и очень изящный 🙂

    • cablook
      20 . 02 . 2012

      крем как раз подходит коже моего возраста, как сказали специалисты маме)
      спасибо Вам)

  • G.O.T.
    20 . 02 . 2012

    very nice bracelet!
    xx ale

  • f
    20 . 02 . 2012


  • Katya
    20 . 02 . 2012

    Очень хорошие подарочки=)

  • Christyi
    20 . 02 . 2012

    I wish I had my mother 🙁
    btw: nice bracelet! 🙂

    • cablook
      20 . 02 . 2012

      so sorry for you, dear, really

  • Tanja
    20 . 02 . 2012

    Very beautiful bracelet…

    Join my new 190 US$ GIVEAWAY

    Tanja – or via Bloglovin

  • Светлана
    20 . 02 . 2012

    Браслет очень понравился!Мамочка умничка!

  • gabriela jimenez
    21 . 02 . 2012

    nice presents

  • Marie
    22 . 02 . 2012

    You’re lucky my mom never gave me gifts….I wish she would give me some presents ( gifts) too. But she never does it…
    It’s okcause I got all the best thinks that i’ve got on my own …I keep getting presents for me on my own ahahah

    you never come and visit my blog…but it’s ok 😉 I guess it’s what all the popular bloggers do….forgetting about people….caring only about how many people visit every day. Not the singular one.
    Or maybe you just don’t read comments.
    You’re not the noly one…it works this way here.
    Sorry about that….cause If I wear in your shoes…I would answear maybe not all the times …but sometimes it would be nice and kind.
    But I’m simple and easy with my attitude, so it’s different.
    it’s ok ….no problems

    • cablook
      22 . 02 . 2012

      my dear Marie, I wish I have the time to answer to every comment, but I don’t(
      I read every single comment and they are very important for me!
      and sometimes whan I have time I anwer to the comments or when there are some questions inside.

      2 years already I live alone and I buy all the presents for me by myself. This time is one of few, when I’m at home in Russia)


  • Marie
    22 . 02 . 2012

    Ciao Darya

    Thank you for your answear 🙂
    I understand it’s difficult to answear to every comment, I see because it would be so crazy.
    I wrote you about that cause I was wondering,asking myself if you ( but not also you) other bloggers too, ever visit your reader’s blogs.
    Sometimes it could come up a very nice virtual frienship 🙂 or If not at all…I think it’s good to share points of view about fashion 🙂
    Maybe you can find ordinary blogs that you don’t like…but at the same time you can find something that you like 🙂
    Like I did. I was reading blogs and I found yours. I stopped here because I like it. And I started to read your blog.

    That is why I started my blog : sharing points of view with people on the internet.
    I read you are coming to Italy to see your boyfriend 🙂 the weather is getting warmer …are you happy about it? you’ll find the sun 🙂

    And for your mom’s presents….don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE GIFTS she gave you 🙂 and It’s something really nice….I was just thinking how much I would love having a little stupid gift from her.( because I leave here at home…but I’m gonna be leaving in a month…we ‘ve never got along and she never give me presents in my whole life…but don’t wanna sound like a victim)

    Hope to hear from you soon 😉

    • cablook
      22 . 02 . 2012

      Ciao Marie!

      si, arrivero tra poco) ma non solo per vederlo, vivo in Italia gia per 2 anni 😉

      della tua mamma: non e` la cosa piu importante – i rega;i. Importante e` che ti ama, questo non si puo comprare)

  • Marie
    23 . 02 . 2012

    Sì è vero, sono d’accordo con te 😀 allora ti darò il mio benvenuto virtuale appena arrivi qui in Italia.
    Un bacio

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